Book Mockup

Book 1: Concord

Celia is a teenage misfit at home only in nature yet her family is bound for a colony planet. She ends up on a different ship than her brother for the interstellar voyage, and while his ship travels as expected, hers is mysteriously delayed. When she finally arrives, all she has left of her brother are ten messages he sent before he was killed.

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Who is JD Lane?

John Lane

John Lane

President, Writer
Daniel Lane

Daniel Lane


Throughout the many schools, years, and classes John and Daniel have taught, they’ve been struck by the resilience of their students. Teenagers shoulder the weight of the world and do so without the calluses of their jaded elders. It is in awe and heartbreak at the strength of John and Daniel's students that these two teachers have formed a writing team.

John is the joyful, beating heart of the team. He is a student of English Literature, a child of God, and a father of two. John blazes the trail with the first draft of their work. He serves as the strategic leader of their team.

Daniel serves as an uncomfortable skeptic and obsessive outliner. A teacher of Computer Science, he provides technical experience. He stews over each word of their final draft as their narrative director.

Together, they have turned their lunch-break Sci-Fi book club into a nights-and-weekends adventure.